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Jeff is a very dynamic and talented writer. He’s able to adapt his style quite easily, and can always infuse personality and professionalism into his words.

I was fortunate to have him contribute to my Olympic blog,, where Jeff served as a comedy correspondent from Holland, covering the Dutch perspective of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

I can’t wait to mine his unique talent again for the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

Jarrod Banadyga
Associate Creative Director
Dare Vancouver

Jeff Funnekotter has been calling into our morning show at JACK FM for more than five years with stunningly quick one-liners and witty, insightful observations of the human condition. He’s also developed several characters on the show that have become hugely popular with our listeners.

Jeff’s creativity never fails to amaze us especially considering he’s made daily contributions gratis, which is likely a big part of why he is in fact so popular amongst station management.

Having dealt with Jeff off-air for years too, it’s clear he’s as passionate about his writing as he is creative. He’d be a valuable addition to any team in need of a refreshingly off-beat mind that never stops working.

Feel free to call if you’d like to hear more about this guy who paid us richly to say everything written above.

Eric Francis and Matt O’Neill
JACK FM morning show hosts
Calgary, Alberta



SkyTeam has been working with Jeff Funnekotter since 2009. We have been very impressed with his writing skills as well as his professionalism.

He has been asked to work with all levels within the organization, from drafting letters on behalf of senior management to website content and internal employee communications. His tone is always right on target, regardless of the specific audience. Jeff has handled each job in a very timely manner and met all deadlines easily.

His ability to distill key messages from multiple sources is very sharp and intuitive. We would be happy to recommend him for any number of communications roles at all levels within an organization.

M. Kensenhuis, Public Relations Manager, SkyTeam – Amsterdam

As a leading alliance in the global airline industry, SkyTeam is made up of 14 member airlines providing you comprehensive access to an extensive global network with more destinations, more frequencies and more connectivity than ever before.


We had the great pleasure of working with Jeff on a Streative client assignment in 2009/2010. He was hired on a freelance basis to help us investigate consumer and industry food trends for up and coming flavors. Timelines and budgets were tight but Jeff jumped at the opportunity and within days was off to Paris, London and Barcelona mining and unpacking vital content for what later became a successful client deliverable.

Jeff was responsible not only for the gathering of insight material but the research, edits and final writing on this project. He also gave a stellar lecture in Switzerland upon delivery to the client. His pleasure in his work spread and his eternal optimism inspired the entire Streative team. Jeff identified with Streative and the client brief immediately and his talent for observation gave him an instinctual advantage. With support from Streative he was able to assess complex challenges quickly and identify and pinpoint appropriate solutions within a very short time.

Jeff has a highly conscientious, professional and determined approach to his work. He brought Streative maximum commitment combined with a high degree of Initiative, flexibility and creativity. It has truly been a pleasure working with Jeff and we would be thrilled to see him continue to have great success in his professional future.

S. Swan, Founder, Streative Branding – Amsterdam

Streative Branding is an International Design and Intelligence agency headquartered in Amsterdam the Netherlands. Our clients include branded companies from the consumer goods industry as well firms in the media and service sectors.